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Charge side infrared camera Your present position:
Product Name:

Charge side infrared camera

Product model: YB - GL
Product introduction:

Blast furnace infrared surveillance

B - GL charge side infrared camera with special waterproof and dust, high temperature resistant camera probe, inserted into the blast furnace through the internal cooling water jacket furnace shell plate hole diameter is only 120mm. By using water and nitrogen (or other inert gas) is ensured in high temperature and high pressure, high dust, damp furnace and stable working online. The equipment in ultra temperature, water, gas stop, under the conditions of power automatic alarm protection equipment, effective nonablation, improve the service life of the equipment. Through the pinhole imaging probe into the water jacket, improve sealing equipment. Due to the small hole, The protective gas amount of small, low operation cost.

The equipment adopts special camera image acquisition, The CCD chip has a visible and infrared dual function, and long service life. The equipment in the blast furnace (140m34000m3, Is there a clock or Bell less top) put into use in brown filling process, the top video camera under all loading, material flow path and charge shape measurement. See the chute movement and the charging process in, see the distribution situation of the surface material, and the edge of the center air flow, and the pipeline, collapse, material and surface deflection by furnace process.

The biggest technical characteristics of the equipment: convenient maintenance, safety, reliability, continuous and stable working time perspective and a wide range of equipment, is the product of choice for the top level of burden of infrared camera.

Xichang special steel Using surface infrared camera image information guidance of No. 1 blast furnace blowing in operation, the blast furnace, and maintain long-term stability of the furnace, and achieved remarkable results.

Jiangsu Yonggang group No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 blast furnace burden using infrared camera, see the chute movement and the charging process in blast furnace foreman in the operation room of the monitor, see the distribution situation of the surface material, and the edge of the central gas flow, see pipeline, collapse, material and surface deflection by furnace process. Surface infrared camera television has become an important tool for foreman timely access to information to guide the operation of BF furnace .

The main technical characteristics are as follows:

Suitable for blast furnace infrared surveillance spiral air curtain design, long time no fouling

The whole stainless steel, corrosion resistant temperature            Electricity, gas stop, over temperature alarm automatically

Very low illumination viewing angle range    Can exit the maintenance endlessly when the wind  

Strict quality control and rapid response services


Performance index:

  Model abstract

YB - GL charge side infrared camera    technical parameter

Product features

Suitable for blast furnace infrared surveillance, long time no fouling

The use of environmental temperature

The temperature in the furnace

Less than or equal to 2000 C

Control system

Less than or equal to 70 C

control device

field control

Electricity, gas stop, over temperature alarm automatically

Power supply requirements

Power supply voltage

AC220V + 10%

The frequency of power supply


Supply demand

Compressed nitrogen entrance pressure


Compressed nitrogen entrance temperature

Less than or equal to 35 C

The minimum flow of compressed nitrogen

0.1~0.4M Three /min

Image index

Resolving power

480 line

The signal-to-noise ratio


Angle of view

Random allocation

17 degrees -81C

Cable configuration

Power cable

AVV3 * 1

Video cable


Control cable

AVV3 * 0.5

Requirements for cooling water substrate


0.2M Three /h

Cold vortex tube

Compressed nitrogen is greater than the entrance 0.35MP, compressed nitrogen outlet temperature difference of 23 degrees

Mounting distance

The control device to the exit device as far as 10M control center to the scene as far as 250M.

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