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Color high resolution strong light suppression camera Your present position:
Product Name:

Color high resolution strong light suppression camera

Product model: Color high resolution
Product introduction:

1/3 inch color high resolution camera light suppression

Model: CYB-63V5HP

Function description:

With the image edge sharpness compensation function, color bar (COLOR BAR) function, inhibit the light shielding function.


Image sensor: 1/3.
CCD total pixels: 795 (horizontal) X 596 (vertical) (PAL) /811 (level 508) X (vertical) (NTSC)
Scanning system: 625 lines, 50 / sec (PAL) /525 line, 60 / sec (NTSC)
Synchronous system: synchronous / vertical synchronization lock / external synchronization (selective function)
Minimum illumination: 0.8 Lux (F1.25600oK)
Minimum illumination mode: 0.008 star Lux (F1.25600oK)
Horizontal resolution: 520/580 lines (digital signal processing)
White balance mode: automatic / manual tracking lock / fixed color (colorless scroll)
White balance range: 3200-10000 ~ K
Gain control mode: controlled by screen selection
Gain control range: 0~18dB
SNR: 52dB (min) /60dB (max) (automatic gain off)
Electronic shutter: 1/50~1/120000 seconds continuous (PAL) /1/60~1/120000 seconds (NTSC standard)
Automatic aperture: Video Driver / electronic shutter / DC drive
Screen display: all control options are displayed by menu selection
5 key switch: the screen display control panel
Non flashing function: control by screen selection
The mirror function: controlled by screen selection
Image enhancement functions: to control the screen menu and select
Digital zoom (2 times): controlled by screen selection
Backlight compensation function: controlled by screen selection, 48 programmable region
Color stripe signals: controlled by screen selection
Negative functions: to control the screen menu and select
Regional mask functions: to control the screen menu and select
Automatic gain control: control by adjusting the screen menu and select
Picture freezing: external trigger or control selected by screen
Alarm output: motion detection
RS-232C I/F:DIM connector
Light suppression functions: to control the screen menu and select
Video output: composite video signal output, 1.0Vp-p at 75Ohm
Gamma correction: 0.45
Working environment temperature: -20 degrees to +50 degrees
Working environment humidity: below 85RH
Power supply: 12 V DC / AC 24 volts
Power consumption: 250 Ma


A smart light suppression function (the camera can be covered under both light suppression function, dark and strong light).

Two, suitable for indoor or outdoor under different environment light shielding suppression function can be set to fine tune.

Three, with the image edge sharpness compensation function (horizontal lines and vertical lines can be adjusted).

Four, color bar (COLOR BAR) function, this function is mainly to assist installation to confirm the Monitor image color and brightness is normal.


Release time:2010/12/10 0:00:00

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