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FL400 cement rotary kiln watching fire TV Your present position:
Product Name:

FL400 cement rotary kiln watching fire TV

Product model: FL400 endoscopy high temperature industrial TV equipment
Product introduction:

FL400 type endoscope kiln industrial TV equipment is a special high temperature fire closed-circuit television equipment used in high temperature environment. Especially suitable for cement plant kiln fire, steel plant heating furnace, annealing furnace, heat treatment furnace, waste disposal plant incinerator and other industrial furnace (high temperature furnace wall thickness is about 300mm). In the case of cooling water should not be used (the north, the shortage of water resources and water pipes burst in winter) is used more widely.

The fuel coal gas furnace, the device with compressed air, without water, can be directly extended to the camera in the kiln (below 2000) continuous working state real time monitoring of furnace flame and material operation.

Through the observation of effective equipment for cement kiln flame shape, steel plant furnace heating, annealing and garbage incinerator combustion conditions and many other factors play a direct role in the stable and efficient..

The system of the camera and the lens part of the exit into the automatic control using PLC control technology, the power supply system, compressed air supply problems and probe the temperature in the cover is beyond the scope of can automatically exit the furnace, to automatic protection device.


The main technical characteristics are as follows:

Application of spiral air curtain design on the furnace wall thickness is about 300mm in the furnace, lens dust

High temperature resistant sapphire lens integral stainless steel materials, corrosion resistant temperature

Control PLC program open type endoscope lens
Exit exit automatic protection device, fault indication motor self-locking chain drive mechanism


Performance index: 

Model / abstract

FL400 endoscopic high-temperature industrial television equipment     technical parameter

Product features

Suitable for furnace wall thickness in 300mm furnace From the perspective of a wide range of observation.

The use of environmental temperature

The temperature in the furnace

Less than or equal to 2000 C

Control system

Less than or equal to 70 C

Automatic withdrawal device

Automatic exit function

Electricity, gas stop, super high temperature probe can automatically retreat from the furnace

(need to achieve power exit The UPS power supply)

Exit travel device


Manually into the exit function


control device

PLC programmable control

8 input, 6 output

Two level control

Can realize the control operation in two field

Power supply requirements

Power supply voltage

AC220V + 10%

The frequency of power supply


Supply demand

Compressed air entrance pressure


Compressed air entrance temperature

Less than or equal to 35 C

The minimum flow of compressed air

0.1~0.4M Three /min

Image index

Resolving power

480 line

The signal-to-noise ratio


Angle of view

Random allocation

17 degrees -81C

Cable configuration

Power cable

AVV3 * 1

Video cable


Control cable

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