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[technique] how to select high temperature industrial TV by the method of abnormal processing of high temperature industrial TV

Source: time:2018-02-25

The company is a professional endoscope glass furnace temperature industrial television, and other products and services for your company, high-temperature industrial television exception handling methods to understand? In this paper, we introduce the content to the concrete, let's look at the "high temperature industrial television exception handling method and discusses how to choose the high temperature industrial tv"

 [skills] high temperature industrial television exception handling method and discusses how to choose the high temperature industrial TV

The application of high temperature industrial television in the industry is very extensive, for the abnormal situation in the process of using high temperature industrial television, including what treatment method, which is what, take a look.

When there is no time to check the camera image output, check the video cable, video head is a reliable connection.

When the operator function key failure, we can check the operation indicator is normal, check whether the normal control relay, control cable is connected with the error check.

When no image display monitor, power supply controller, we should first check whether the system is normal, the camera power supply is normal; and then check whether the monitor in the "AV" state, the monitor should be set in the "AV" state.

When the automatic withdrawal device, when not working properly, we must note that the system must be manually from the furnace wall, cut off the power supply system, in accordance with the above procedure, in turn on the electric check, in exclusion of all failure, will not be pushed into the furnace wall working system.

When the monitor image is not clear or the image is smaller, this may be due to the first objective lens is composed of furnace dust or tar pollution. This is the case, we should first cover the first exit chamber, cut off the power supply, open the protective cover, remove the camera, check the lens, wipe with lens paper.

The application of high temperature industrial television, which will appear fault, and the fault treatment method will introduce here, everybody also through the introduction of high temperature, high temperature industrial television abnormal processing method can better application of high temperature industrial tv.

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How to choose the high temperature industrial TV

High temperature industrial television, is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, electronics, machinery and other fields, with the use of the field more and more widely, this technology is also in constant innovation, generally in the choice of this high temperature industrial television, according to the different production process of furnace type, the selection also have certain difference. For the two case, the temperature of the heating furnace at a temperature of 1200 DEG C, annealing furnace temperature is 800 DEG C, and the furnace wall thickness is 350mm, the general need to pay attention to two aspects.

The first is the tube feeding, whether there will be a double situation, which will lead to damage the furnace,

The second is to see whether the normal flame burner. There is a heating furnace at a temperature of 1600 DEG C, the furnace wall of Baidu is generally 700mm, then we have to look at three aspects, first look at the bubble is normal, two see the flame, three accumulation glass solution. These are a few aspects we need to consider in the selection of high temperature industrial television.

The introduction is about the content of "high-temperature industrial television exception handling method and discusses how to choose the high temperature industrial television", we must see our introduction, there is sufficient understanding of the contents of this area. In addition to this, we are in another article also introduce Endoscope type glass furnace high temperature industrial TV And industrial TV content, please pay attention!

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