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Select the common sense of the high temperature protective cover to avoid the misunderstanding of consumption.

Source: time:2018-02-23

        High temperature protective cover Is an important component of the monitoring system, can let the camera in the normal use of the dust, rain and high temperature conditions, due to the different needs of the working environment according to the specific circumstances to choose the type, in order to prevent the problems need to understand some common sense to choose.

The protective cover selection of common sense:

1, according to the installation position of the correct selection of indoor or outdoor protective cover. For example, explosion-proof high temperature industrial TV will be used indoor protective cover, the main role is to dust and dust removing outdoor protective cover, the main role is to protect the camera in a variety of harsh natural environment (such as rain, snow, low temperature and high temperature) under normal working outdoors all day long Hou not only has the protective cover sealing structure also has more stringent the windshield wiper, spraying, heating and cooling etc..

Note that because little change in temperature in some areas are in the four camera working temperature, it can be common outdoor protection without constant temperature function to reduce the cost of housing.

2, choose the corresponding size of the protective cover protective cover size should be larger than the size of the camera lens and camera lens, otherwise unable to load. Such as the selection of protective cover with constant temperature function should be taken into account to cover the problem of power supply; selection of protection with wiper function cover if the decoder can through the decoder control, if not the decoder should consider adding relay to control.

Friendly reminder: water is usually used for protective cover for protection and monitoring devices are divided into two types, in the choice of the need according to the actual demand and the installation is also very important, if not reasonable will lead to equipment failure so we should remember the following requirements.

The installation requirements of water shield:

1, high temperature explosion-proof industrial TV manufacturers introduced in order to simplify the positioning and processing, origin of each positioning fixture surface relative machining center should have accurate coordinate dimensions. In order to ensure the consistency of the workpiece coordinate system and machine coordinate direction of the selected parts installation position and programming and directional installation.

2, the short time can remove into a fixture for new workpiece. Because the auxiliary time of machining center has compressed short supporting fixture of loading and unloading can not take up too much time. The fixture should have as few components and high stiffness.

3 installation requirements, water shield: low and low installation fixture can not step tool path interference to the space position fixture will try to open the clamping element. To ensure that the processing workpiece in the spindle travel range is complete.

The interactive table machining center since the worktable moving, upper support, lower support and rotary movements such as fixture design tools and fixtures must prevent the space interference. As far as possible in the processing of content in a single setup all. When change clamping point to note that can't replace clamping point for damage location accuracy and necessary in the process of file description.

If the door with constant temperature function should be taken into account to cover power protective cover, protective cover with wiper function selection if the decoder can through the decoder control, if not the decoder should consider adding relay to control.

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