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[recommends] what are the cameras's camera devices to monitor the installation of the camera?

Source: time:2018-02-16

Our company is to provide domestic explosion-proof infrared camera, and other products and services of well-known company, before also introduce some related content, today again to learn "the installation technology of camera device of indoor surveillance camera camera have? "

 [recommended] to investigate the camera camera surveillance camera which has indoor installation technology?

Complete the image decomposition and photoelectric signal conversion device. The image decomposition is a complete image is decomposed into several independent pixels (form the smallest unit of the TV picture of the process). In general, the number of pixels, the image clearer. Each pixel with single color and brightness representation. Camera device can change the light signal of each pixel in the image into a corresponding electrical signal, and then according to certain order transmitted to the output terminal. Camera device consists of camera tube and solid camera device (semiconductor) two categories.

The camera tube, electron beam device, and divided into dissector tube, photomultiplier tube, image analysis image orthicon and vidicon etc.. Small multi use new camera in lead oxide vidicon. All the camera tube has a vacuum glass, which is equipped with the target surface and the electron gun. The subject through the window glass on the surface of the target image, the target surface of the photoelectric emission effect or photoconductive effect will target surface points of the illuminance distribution into the corresponding potential distribution, the optical image into electrical image. In the drive pipe deflection coil, electron beam scan point by point target, the potential signal of each pixel on the scanning path in sequence output.

The solid-state imaging device, a novel charge coupled device (CCD). Hundreds of thousands of devices arranged in front surface with photosensitive properties. The subject image on the front of each unit, the storage charge amount and intensity is proportional to the. Using the clock pulse and the shift control signal, the array signal from each unit according to a certain order, can obtain the image signal intensity changes with time.

The preamplifier output amplification of weak signal imaging device to the specified video amplifier amplitude. In order to ensure the good SNR of camera, camera imaging device for noise preamplifier is as small as possible.

The recommended: Industrial monitoring and security monitoring, there is not a small difference

With the consideration of security, so now a lot of indoor installation engineering monitoring camera, then, to monitor the installation, you need wiring requires not only safe and reliable, but also to make the circuit layout is reasonable, neat, firm installation. Technical requirements are as follows:

1, the camera with a wire, the working voltage should be greater than its rated voltage line; wire insulation should be installed and laid with lines of environmental conditions. The cross-sectional area of the wire should be able to meet the requirements of mechanical strength and power supply.

2, the camera wiring should be avoided when the wire joint. Not unless joint, the camera connector must be using line or welding wires, and the branch should not be mechanical force. The wire in the tube empty, in any case can not have joints, when necessary, as far as possible the connection on the terminal box terminal probe.

3, the camera wiring is installed in the buildings to keep horizontal or vertical. The wiring should be added casing protection (plastic or iron pipes, selection according to technical requirements of indoor plumbing), ceiling wire available metal hose, but need to be securely fixed in appearance.

4, the camera signal line can not be compared with the large power line in parallel, cannot put in the same tube. As a result of environmental constraints, parallel to the line, is to stay away from more than 50cm.

5, the camera alarm AC power control box should follow the line alone, the camera can not be with a signal line and a low-voltage DC power line through the same tube, the AC power line installation shall comply with the standards of electrical installation.

6, the camera alarm control box to ceiling line with requirements set of management into the wall or with iron pipes protected, in order to improve the performance of anti-theft system failure. Requirements of camera interior piping technology.

7, the camera line tube wiring Ming and dark with two. The camera piping requirements the flat vertical, neat and beautiful. Piping requirements of pipeline is short, smooth, less elbow.

The above is the "on camera camera surveillance cameras which indoor installation technology?" All the content, if there is what do not know where our professional customer service will provide you a detailed answer, we will introduce you to the next Explosion-proof infrared camera Please pay attention!

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