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How can the anti explosion camera be effective for lightning protection?

Source: time:2018-02-02

stay Explosion proof camera The monitoring system in general there are two types of lightning, a lightning grounding is two. Earthing is an important measure to protect the personal safety and power supply equipment, is an indispensable means of security. The lightning is based on the environment and demand of video monitoring system is installed to decide, but not absolutely necessary for grounding and lightning protection is the mutual cooperation mechanism so importance in security monitoring system in the energy industry can not be ignored.

The front end of grounding and lightning monitoring:

Camera 1, outdoor lightning rod should be erected by the power and image signal independent grounding line to the isolation monitoring equipment to avoid interference current, line damage. The lightning rod should be higher than the camera by lightning tip down to 45-60 degree virtual three-dimensional cone range, is the safety range of lightning rod and steel fixed camera camera should be installed in the insulation.

2, outdoor camera ground after the completion of testing and measurement of grounding resistance is less than 10 within the grounding rod should be installed according to the standard three point impedance test.

3, the front camera interior line should be grounded to shared end earthing terminal, no fuse breaker and leakage circuit breaker installed capacity for power in the front-end equipment end, and is resistant to 3000KV in the funds permit under Leizi avoidance to avoid lightning or thunder damage transmission equipment.

4, front camera equipment grounding terminal in part to focus on a grounding bus, the front-end monitoring equipment grounding to earth potential difference requirements or to the loop and the potential difference makes the equipment may be burned.

The transmission part of the grounding and lightning protection:

1, because of the long energy industry some control signal transmission distance, low voltage resistance, easy induction thunder and conduction of lightning current intrusion and damage to the equipment, lightning current from the signal transmitted into the transmission line, the cable should be equipped with surge protection device must be in the design of image signal transmission cable when considering transmission rate and the balance of the voltage signal and the ground, to avoid lightning invasion.

2, the control signal transmission line with isolation cable shielding function.

3, the overhead power cable should be self-sustaining signal or self-sustaining cable in fixed section to ground access to the earth.

4, outdoor grounding and cable transmission should be good, the grounding resistance must be less than 10.

5, part of the transmission cable in a line as far as possible the way of burying. Do not permit conditions, can use the shortest distance to avoid pressure reducing installation due to lightning invasion.

The monitoring terminal grounding and lightning protection:

1, the building internal monitoring terminal system, lightning protection grounding and grounding terminal configuration.

2, all kinds of metal pipeline monitoring terminal should do pipeline grounding and common receiving grounding device. The cable into the terminal room when the metal cable outer sheath and self-sustaining cable cable part connected to a grounding terminal.

Lightning 3, security monitoring system in monitoring terminal should be careful to consider the various possible types of lightning invasion, the loop potential difference phenomenon and power supply surge protection measures.

4, indoor terminal transmission and cable should have better grounding resistance must be less than 10 ohm but on the impedance value as low as possible.

Whether in the hydraulic power plant, thermal power plant and wind power plant petrochemical or even nuclear power plant monitoring system in order to meet the monitoring coverage demand will be in some high ground, so that the camera or the erection of form to avoid the risk of lightning in the open area. Changzhou Yabin Electronics Co. Ltd. specializes in high temperature industrial TV monitoring system, development of high temperature products manufacturers, with professional and high temperature monitoring High temperature camera Technology in the peer received welcome to inquire high temperature monitoring information.


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