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[manufacturers] to understand the 4 misconceptions in the analysis of the application of the fogging camera

Source: time:2018-01-20

High resolution color light inhibition camera is the company for the vast number of consumers to provide professional, in addition, through the analysis for 4 errors when the fog camera application, but also has a lot of things, look together "to understand through the analysis of 4 mistakes when you install fog camera application technology indoor surveillance camera.

 [] through the analysis of 4 major manufacturers to understand the misunderstanding fog camera application installation technology of indoor surveillance cameras

With the consideration of security, so now a lot of indoor installation engineering monitoring camera, then, to monitor the installation, you need wiring requires not only safe and reliable, but also to make the circuit layout is reasonable, neat, firm installation. Technical requirements are as follows:

1, the camera with a wire, the working voltage should be greater than its rated voltage line; wire insulation should be installed and laid with lines of environmental conditions. The cross-sectional area of the wire should be able to meet the requirements of mechanical strength and power supply.

2, the camera wiring should be avoided when the wire joint. Not unless joint, the camera connector must be using line or welding wires, and the branch should not be mechanical force. The wire in the tube empty, in any case can not have joints, when necessary, as far as possible the connection on the terminal box terminal probe.

3, the camera wiring is installed in the buildings to keep horizontal or vertical. The wiring should be added casing protection (plastic or iron pipes, selection according to technical requirements of indoor plumbing), ceiling wire available metal hose, but need to be securely fixed in appearance.

4, the camera signal line can not be compared with the large power line in parallel, cannot put in the same tube. As a result of environmental constraints, parallel to the line, is to stay away from more than 50cm.

5, the camera alarm AC power control box should follow the line alone, the camera can not be with a signal line and a low-voltage DC power line through the same tube, the AC power line installation shall comply with the standards of electrical installation.

6, the camera alarm control box to ceiling line with requirements set of management into the wall or with iron pipes protected, in order to improve the performance of anti-theft system failure. Requirements of camera interior piping technology.

7, the camera line tube wiring Ming and dark with two. The camera piping requirements the flat vertical, neat and beautiful. Piping requirements of short pipeline, understand the surveillance cameras for indoor installation technology is smooth, less elbow.

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Through the camera application errors of fog, a total of 4 points, as follows:

A misunderstanding: the blind pursuit of large size image sensor

The camera through the fog in the tender at 1/2CCD, in fact, from the fog penetration imaging quality, there is no difference of large size and small size 1/3CCD 1/2CCD. Generally speaking, unless Party A required night cannot use infrared lighting system, or large size CCD from cost considerations without any advantage from the night vision performance is concerned, no large size infrared lighting system fog system is far less than the small size of the lighting system with infrared imaging system.

Misunderstanding two: must RS485 remote control

The old fogpentrating camera system due to the active video analysis, therefore only by manual to determine whether the need to open the fog mode, in order to protect the vested interest, so that many in the tender must be this function. In fact, Anyvision automatic intelligent fogpentrating system, this feature has become chicken ribs, because it is too cumbersome, no one will use.

Misunderstanding three: must collocation electric three variable lens

When it comes to this we must know what is what is the electric electric three variable and two variable. Literally seems to have more variable electric three, in fact, that a variable electric two variable lens less refers to the aperture manual remote manual control into automatic control through the fog scene camera, auto iris is we often say. Here, the majority of users should be aware of who is superior, who will always have the patience to adjust the aperture, the final result is to give up the use of the function and use of the electronic shutter camera, but electronic shutter exposure is not automatic aperture reaction.


Through the fog camera video driver lens generally have two potentiometers, average value and peak value respectively to adjust the image, so that when the picture brightness uneven light, greater contrast, according to the user's set to an appropriate threshold. DC drive lens without this circuit, natural in this case would be overexposed or dark, sometimes even breathing instability, image flickering. Especially in the field of road monitoring, this situation is more common.

Well, about "to understand and analyze the application of the camera through the fog 4 misunderstandings" surveillance cameras for indoor installation technology, today we will first tell here, if you have any questions, or for High resolution color light inhibition camera So, still want to understand the place, you can telephone, also can consult our online customer service!

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