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Is it better to "buy information" for high temperature industrial TV?

Source: time:2018-01-16

        High temperature industrial TV Belonging to the technical field of monitoring, there are high-temperature industrial television figure in a lot of building materials, metallurgy, petrochemical, power, light industry and other places to store data, a very good picture is clear. High temperature industrial television needs scientific and reasonable structure design in blast furnace at high temperature (200~1000 DEG C), the normal work of high humidity, high dust, high corrosion environment. But the market so many brand manufacturers which do we choose when to pay attention to what?

1, according to the furnace wall thickness: the length of the lens is greater than the furnace wall thickness 10mm.

2, according to the furnace wall temperature: the temperature of furnace wall overheating will damage the lens and endoscope kiln fire equipment used in high temperature industrial television furnace fuel and coal and gas when using compressed air instead of water can be directly extended to the camera in the kiln (300 DEG -1500 DEG C) continuous real-time monitoring of furnace in feed heating, annealing, waste incineration flame shape and combustion condition of coal cinder. Can discover the occurrence of abnormal phenomenon in furnace effectively prevent accidents to reduce the economic losses for enterprises.

3, according to the requirements of the production process: process furnace production of each different so there are some differences in the selection. For example, the temperature of heating furnace steel plant furnace is generally 1200 DEG C annealing furnace is generally 800 DEG C furnace wall thickness is 350mm, the required watch has two points: the first point: watch material is caused by steel import and double furnace damage; second points: watch the burner flame is normal. Glass factory furnace temperature is about 1600 degrees of furnace wall thickness is 700mm, the required watch has three points: the first point: watch the bubble is normal; second points: combustion flame watch is normal; third: watch glass solution whether there is accumulation.

Industrial TV television system for industrial production and environmental monitoring, have been widely used in many fields, such as metallurgy, building materials, petrochemical, power, light industry, machinery etc.. The system is mainly composed of surveillance camera, transmission channel, controller and monitor applications in the production process real-time, full range, to the significance and the effect is very important to improve the efficiency and quality of the products. So in the process of using industrial TV we should do what the details of maintenance:

1, through regular inspections to detect all operating device check the reliability of the equipment and automatic exit exit function is normal operation.

2, the camera pinhole lens cleaning and high temperature application of clean linen transparent mirror best with lens cleaning paper dipped a little alcohol wipe.

3, the probe cover is impossible to accumulate dirt over a period of time after use, should be removed regularly or cover the perspective that shadow image.

4, compressed air pipe of each filter due to long-term use is likely to block the compressed air pressure flow decreases. Application of kerosene or gasoline will filter cleaning filters clean and then put back the filter cleaning.

5, the installation of blowing dust removing device of the camera should always check the oil and gas separator, to prevent fouling caused by bad ventilation window head.

6, regular cleaning of filters should be used for a long time to replace the filter regularly and equipped with good corresponding vulnerable parts for replacement.

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