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"More information" high temperature industrial television in the monitoring of the important role of boiler!

Source: time:2017-12-22

With more and more people demand High temperature industrial TV More and more popular, industrial TV itself is used in industry, the picture more clearly using more long time. In fact, a large part of high temperature industrial television is the monitor of the boiler, so many people have questions why to use in the boiler in the end what effect.

The main part of industrial TV system.

The camera probe 1, with protective function

2, the camera controller

3, electrical control cabinet

4, gas control cabinet

5, transmission device

6, color monitor

7, video cable, control cable, metal hose etc.

The industrial television system adopted wind cooling, wind blowing and glass blowing and special metal corrosion protection measures so as to meet the need of working in high temperature, corrosion and other harsh conditions over a long period of time.

An important reason for using high temperature industrial television monitoring system is in the case of accidents can be promptly deployed personnel according to site conditions to eliminate major accidents. Is the necessary equipment of industrial safety production and to improve the product quality and function. Industrial TV monitoring system provided by our company has the advantage of following a number of functions for relevant equipment and introduce the.

1, the video disk recorder recording synchronously monitoring signal from some inconvenience brought by ordinary video recording. The system will be compressed video signal in M-JPEG4 format so as to reduce the large amount of data can be stored in the length of time to determine the capacity of the hard disk recorder can automatically delete the earliest video recorded in certain storage time.

2, video retrieval and playback: according to the user's query request (such as a query time) recorded on the hard disk data, and display playback for investigation using.

3, Yuntai and lens control: general camera fixed by way of fixed focal length, in the direction of illumination change places should choose auto iris lens and is equipped with a protective cover a wide range of monitoring area should be selected with a camera pan and zoom lens.

4, the multi-channel monitoring system can simultaneously or more channels of multi-channel video simultaneously monitoring the user can choose the video channel in the region. According to the monitoring control center and control center, users can choose any number of monitoring sites to form a large TV wall unit can be set through the TV wall unit circular display.

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