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High temperature monitoring system to look at the fire "door"

Source: time:2017-12-01

With the rapid development of science and technology of the people already began to use high-tech equipment, High temperature monitoring That one is a monitoring device of high temperature resistance, antistatic, clear picture used for a long time have the advantages of many enterprises alike. But the camera can work normally in high temperature, high humidity, high dust, high corrosion environment. So how to judge a high temperature monitoring is qualified.

1, look at the flame: flame length, thickness, angle of fire flame, flame covered area, on both sides of the flame is symmetrical and so on.

2, feeding: see material pile thickness, strip width, strip stacking velocity and direction, on both sides of the feeding deviation to see whether or not charging fault blanking etc..

3, level: see material pile material package distribution, melting zone and clarification homogenization zone proportion, foam layer thickness and distribution have no leakage phenomenon and so on.

4, look at the bubble: bubble strength and "black zone width, transverse row is uniform symmetrical, bubbling intensity (bubble bubble diameter frequency) too much or too weak, bubbling or abnormal fault etc..

5, see: "flame reversing combustion exchange charge - to put the state" (to prevent switching equipment operation is not in place or malfunction), wind speed, combustion air at furnace without fire, reversing the recovery time after the exchange of fire and so on.

6, look at the furnace: bocca, wall, line and wall brick, and the feeding mouth of the upper parapet, arch (part), see the flame space of furnace burning or erosion, thermal effect, there is no maintenance of collapse deformation shedding and so on.

Changzhou Yabin Electron Co. Ltd specializes in high temperature industrial television monitoring system product development, production and installation, is a company with independent intellectual property rights of high-tech private enterprises. The company's main products are: furnace for high temperature industrial television, furnace wall type high temperature industrial television and related equipment, air cooling and water cooling, dust type industrial TV camera, high temperature, high temperature explosion-proof camera, black and white, color monitor and control system for peripheral equipment.

Has the following advantages of high temperature monitoring Changzhou Yabin production:

1, can be added to the network module, transmitter module, wireless transmission module according to customer requirements, special high temperature water supply plant corrosion proof shield explosion-proof camera for the environment: application of monitoring sites in high temperature, explosion proof requirements. Such as: chemical, steel and iron industry, medicine, food processing and storage etc..

2, the outer protective cover with water from the lower end of the input cavity, water inlet cooling water through the water discharged from the outlet at the upper end of the cavity, with high temperature heat can be used in high temperature environment with windows nano stealth wipers function, non stick non stick oil, water, dust, exclusive application of special explosion-proof glass, high luminous flux rate.

3, large body size can be installed on a variety of bolt or machine camera; indoor and outdoor installation, all-weather protection class IP66; the front end of the air inlet compression to prevent dust adhesion to the input window role air cleaner.

Through the above, you must have a more understanding, Changzhou Yabin Electron Co. Ltd specializes in high temperature industrial tv, High temperature monitoring system Development of products manufacturers, with high temperature and high temperature monitoring professional camera technology, if you have more questions about products, welcome to inquire.


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